For Start-Ups

As a Start-Up, launching your business with the right product is a must. Whether it’s an MVP you need; a product that fits into an established market; or an application that drives your success metrics; we can provide you with a flexible service that will help you achieve your goals.

We can also continue to support you as your product, and your business, grows. Understanding what you want to achieve, from the start, will help us iterate new functionality into your product at the right time to meet your, and your users’, expectations.

For Existing Enterprises

New tech products will help your company reduce its costs and benefit from new revenue streams. We will deliver your product through agile, data-driven projects that will maximise value for you, deliver your product on time, and within budget.

Whether you are looking for a product that will transform one of your business operations; augment your technical skills; or disrupt a market, we can help you bring that product to reality.

You may already have much of the knowledge and expertise that you need in web or mobile. In this case, we can help you deliver new products quickly, effectively and at a fraction of the cost.

Technology Stack
  • JavaScript / TypeScript / ClojureScript
  • Node.js / Next.js / Nest.js including serverless architecture
  • ReactJs / React Native
  • GraphQL, RxJs, MongoDb, FaunaDb

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