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You’ve just taken the first step to creating your innovative, custom-made, and easy-to-sustain new product.

Whether you are a Start-Up, established Enterprise, or you're working on a one-off B2C or B2B project; we will help you bring your new product concept to life.

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What We Do

We create new products

Simple! We bring new ideas to life; we create innovative, custom-made, and easy to sustain products.

We develop Frontend Web Applications

We will create your user-friendly web app that people will enjoy using. Our experienced team are used to creating apps using JavaScript-based technologies such as React.Js, GraphQL, etc.

We develop the Mobile Applications

We will build you a state-of-the-art iOS or Android mobile application using React Native.

We develop the Backend to power it all up

By using Node.js on the server side, we'll be able to store, process and retrieve data needed for your client facing applications or other services.


For Start-Ups

As a Start-Up, launching your business with the right product is a must. Whether it’s an MVP you need; a product that fits into an established market; or an application that drives your success metrics; we can provide you with a flexible service that will help you achieve your goals...

For Existing Enterprises

New tech products will help your company reduce its costs and benefit from new revenue streams. We will deliver your product through agile, data-driven projects that will maximise value for you, deliver your product on time, and within budget...

How Do We Do It?


The first step of our process is to learn and understand about you, your product and your business. We will sit down with you and listen. We will then work together, to define the problem and come up with a bespoke, innovative and sustainable product solution.

We have found that we can add considerable value at this stage through our experience and a applying a ‘fresh pair of eyes’.

Best Way Forward

We use what we have learned from the previous step to come up with suitable delivery strategies. When you agree on the most suitable for your needs, we will get started.


We will get a ‘wireframe’ prototype completed really quickly. This will let the developers know exactly what they need to produce and will allow for developing a better user experience. It will also prove extremely time-saving in the long run.

Application Architecture

App development is about more than just writing code; it is about figuring out the best overall architecture. We work with the newest technologies from the JavaScript ecosystem such as React.js, React Native, GraphQL, and NodeJs - including serverless - to deliver this in your product. With our development methods, you will be able to regularly asses and review our work.

Beta & Testing

Once your product is ready, we will prepare a beta version for testing. This is an essential stage as only fully comprehensive testing will allow for a flawless product launch.

Launch and Maintenance

When we have the final, tested, version of your product, it is ready to be published. We’ll make sure that it is available in all the market places that you need to get your product onto your users/customers devices as soon as possible. Ongoing, we will support you for updates, routine maintenance, and product enhancements.

Who We Are

Magnetar Dev Studio

We are Magnetar Dev Studio, a team of professional developers who build powerful and complex web & mobile applications. We specialise in cutting-edge technologies such as React.js and React Native, the JavaScript ecosystem, GraphQL, and NodeJs.

We work great together, we love challenges, and we are passionate about our work. When we take on a new project, we always try to fully understand the customers, their ideas, and their businesses. This allows us to find cost-effective solutions and to deliver great products that people will enjoy using.

Why Choose Magnetar Dev?

Instant Communication. We will not keep you waiting for answers. Through understanding your product and business needs, we will be in a position to anticipate your needs and queries, so you can concentrate on your business.

Simple, Flexible Contracts. We are very flexible in terms of delivery schedule and technical solutions. It is your project and it should be your schedule that we work to, so there is no inconvenience to you. We are‘can-do’ in terms of what, when and how you want your project delivered.

Highly Skilled and Experienced People. Our engineers and project managers are all experienced and highly skilled in their relevant fields. You can havepeace-of-mind that your product is being built by some of the best people in the industry.

Transparency. We are grateful that you have entrusted us with delivering your product; we will ensure we return that trust. We strive to only apply the best practices with all of our projects. We value transparency, honesty, and confidentiality. You will always know what we’ve done, what we are doing and what we have planned for your project.

Compact Teams. We are a very tight-knit and hardworking team. This means that the team working on your project will remain the same until completion. You will get to know them, allowing you to communicate easily with them and, thus, eliminating misunderstandings.

Boutique Sized. We have all the skills we need to produce the best products for your business. We neither have, nor want, the burdensome overhead that many larger companies have. So, you are not paying for the CEO’s river view, or his limo, or the corporate entertainment budget. With Magnetar Dev, Your Cash equates to Code.

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